Bowls Clothing

Have you been searching for a website to purchase all of your bowls clothing and accessories? Here at Whitehead Bowls, we are one of the only all-in-one online shops for all of your bowls needs, where we are driven by our passion and enthusiasm to leave client 100% satisfied. We stock from leading brands including Emsmorn, Drakes Pride and Taylor Bowls, and with over 35 years experience, we guarantee to be able to assist.

Lawn bowls is a popular, precision sport which involves rolling slightly asymmetrical balls closer to a smaller white ball, beating your opponent. Overall, any form of exercise is good for your health and this sport can contribute to all-round happiness and well-being. As the sport does not involve periods of prolonged and intense activity, it can be played by pretty much anyone. Here at Whitehead Bowls, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the game - which is why we aim to provide helpful and honest advice to players of all abilities, as well supplying the best bowls equipment we can.

Included within our bowls clothing range, we are able to provide for both men and women, with products in all sizes and variants. Our male range consists of all the key clothing selections, from shirts and trousers to hats and knitwear, as well as footwear and jackets. All of our stock is available for a great price, with special deals and offers available all year round, just be sure to keep up to date by signing up to our newsletter on our website.

Unlike our competition, we are driven as a business to take part in the local community, where we are also passionate about the work we do. As well as selling products, we look to provide advice and support so that clients can improve their game and knowledge while shopping with us. Our aim is to retain a professional, but friendly relationship with our clients so that they continue to purchase from us in the future.

If you are interested in purchasing your bowls clothing from us, be sure to get in contact with us today. You can call our customer service team on 01278 456966, where you can ask any questions that you currently have, as well as request any further information about any of our products. Alternatively, you can also message us via our contact page or by emailing us at, where we aim to reply within a single working day.  


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